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Ambassador Akan Ismaili presents his credentials to President Barack Obama

On Wednesday, May 2, Ambassador Akan Ismaili met in Washington with the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama and officially presented his credentials as the Ambassador of Kosovo to the United States.

President Obama wished welcome the Ambassador and his family and said he expects to work together in furthering the already close relations between the two countries.

On his note, President Obama further stressed that Kosovo is a young country with a promising future. According to him, in the four years since the independence Kosovo has seen great achievements by building democratic and multiethnic institutions serving and protecting the interests of all citizens. He stated that much work is still to be done and he called on all leaders of Kosovo to remain committed in moving forward with the progress. According to President Obama, the United States will remain on Kosovo’s side in performing their difficult tasks that are mandatory to advance with reforms.

Obama also added that the United States remain committed for Kosovo’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence. According to him, the U.S. will continue to provide its support on Kosovo’s full integration into regional and international institutions in order that it may receive the place it is entitled to within Europe, being united, free and in peace.
On his note, Ambassador Akan Ismaili conveyed the salute of President Jahjaga and the sincere salutes of the people and the Government of Kosovo. He also stressed the perpetual direction of Kosovo, that as a independent and democratic country, it will ever continue to foster very close relations with the United Stated, grounded on the permanent friendship and respect for the American people and the United States.

In the ceremony held at the White House, Ismaili was accompanied by his wife and children.

From the time of his arrival in the U.S., Akan Ismaili has already presented his credentials to State Department Deputy Secretary, Wendy Sherman.

Ambassador Ismaili is Kosovo’s second Ambassador to the United States, following his predecessor, Avni Spahiu, who has just concluded his mandate in this country.