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Viza sa strane drzavljane

Who needs a Kosovo visa

1.    Afghanistan
2.    Algeria
3.    Angola
4.    Armenia
5.    Azerbaijan
6.    Bangladesh
7.    Belarus
8.    Benin
9.    Bhutan
10.    Bolivia
11.    Burkina Faso
12.    Burundi
13.    Cambodia
14.    Cameroon
15.    Cape Verde
16.    Central African Republic
17.    Chad
18.    China
19.    Comoros
20.    Cuba
21.    Democratic Republic of Congo
22.    Djibouti
23.    Dominican Republic
24.    Ecuador
25.    Egypt
26.    Equatorial Guinea
27.    Eritrea
28.    Ethiopia
29.    Gabon
30.    Gambia
31.    Georgia
32.    Ghana
33.    Guinea
34.    Guinea Bissau
35.    Haiti
36.    India
37.    Indonesia
38.    Iran
39.    Iraq
40.    Ivory Coast
41.    Jamaica
42.    Kazakhstan
43.    Kenya
44.    Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
45.    Kyrgyzstan
46.    Laos
47.    Lebanon
48.    Liberia
49.    Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
50.    Madagascar
51.    Mali
52.    Mauritius
53.    Moldova
54.    Mongolia
55.    Morocco
56.    Mozambique
57.    Myanmar
58.    Nepal
59.    Niger
60.    Nigeria
61.    Pakistan
62.    Peru
63.    Philippines
64.    Republic of Congo
65.    Russia
66.    Rwanda
67.    Senegal
68.    Sierra Leone
69.    Somalia
70.    South Sudan
71.    Sri Lanka
72.    Sudan
73.    Suriname
74.    Syria
75.    Tajikistan
76.    Tanzania
77.    Thailand
78.    Togo
79.    Tunisia
80.    Turkmenistan
81.    Uganda
82.    Ukraine
83.    Uzbekistan
84.    Vietnam
85.    Yemen
86.    Zambia
87.    Zimbabwe


Foreign nationals, subject to the Law on the Status, Immunities and Privileges of Diplomatic and Consular Missions and Personnel in Republic of Kosovo and of the International Military Presence and its Personnel, as well as foreign nationals, holders of UN Travel Documents, are exempted from the obligation of visa possession.

Foreign citizens, subject to visa regime application, but bearers of valid multiple entry Schengen visa may enter the Republic of Kosovo and stay up to 15 days without having to obtain a Kosovo visa.

Starting May 08, 2013, citizens of the EU member states, except with a valid travel document, may enter, transit or stay for 90 days and leave the Republic of Kosovo even with a valid Identification Card

Visa Application

-    Foreign nationals MUST file in advance a request for appointment to the General Consulate of Kosovo in Istanbul. The request should be done via email address:

-    Foreign nationals MUST apply in person.

-    The application on distance through postal carriers is not available.

Visa applicants should submit the following documents:

-    The original filled and signed application form. If applicant is minor, the application form must be signed by parents or legal custodian;

-    Passport (valid at least three months after the visa expiration date with at least two empty pages;

-    One visa standardized photo (35x45mm);

-    Proves showing the purpose of visiting the Republic of Kosovo;

-    Ticket reservation;

-    Accommodation (Hotel reservation or notarized letter of guarantee from the host in Kosovo);

-    Sufficient financial means to cover the expenses of stay in Kosovo (Bank account statement for the last three months);

-    Health insurance (for medical coverage of at least 30.000,00€);

-    Visa fee;

Important information

-    Depending on the purpose of visiting Kosovo, the Consular Officer may require additional supporting documents;

-    All supporting documents should be translated in one of official languages of Kosovo (Albanian or Serbian) or in English;

-    All documents should be submitted as photocopies as well;

-    Holders of diplomatic/official passports are exempted from the visa fee and from the obligation of the presence at the moment of application in the diplomatic and consular mission.

-    The applicant to whom the visa is refused can file a complaint within 8 calendar days to the respective consular mission.


-    Border Police may refuse the entrance of the foreign national in case of reasonable suspicions regarding their documentations or reasons for entering the Republic of Kosovo.