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The sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo stems from the people and is exercised in compliance with the Constitution. Constitution represents the highest legal document of the Republic of Kosovo, as it enshrines guarantees of fundamental rights and freedoms and it delineates responsibilities between institutions.

The draft of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo was prepared and published in April 2008. Most of the articles of the document derived from President Ahtisaari’s Comprehensive Proposal, with special guarantees in place for minority rights.

On April 7th 2008 the Constitution of Kosovo was signed by President Sejdiu and on April 9th the same was ratified by the Assembly of Kosovo. Following these steps, on June 15th 2008 the Constitution entered into force.

The constitutional order of the Republic of Kosovo is grounded on the principles of freedom, peace, democracy, equality, respect for human rights and freedoms, rule of law, non-discrimination, protection of environment, social justice, pluralism, separation of powers and market economy.

In order to provide independent protection of constitutionality and final interpretation of Kosovo’s supreme law, the Constitutional Court is put in place. For more information on the newly established Constitutional Court of Kosovo, please visit:,1  

Preamble of the Constitution of Kosovo
 “We, the people of Kosovo,

1.Determined to build a future of Kosovo as a free, democratic and peace-loving country that will be a homeland to all of its citizens

2.Committed to the creation of a state of free citizens that will guarantee the rights of every citizen, civil freedoms and equality of all citizens before the law

3.Committed to the state of Kosovo as a state of economic wellbeing and social prosperity

4.Convinced that the state of Kosovo will contribute to the stability of the region and entire Europe by creating relations of good neighborliness and cooperation with all neighboring countries

5.Convinced that the state of Kosovo will be a dignified member of the family of peace-loving states in the world

6.With the intention of having the state of Kosovo fully participating in the processes of Euro-Atlantic integration
In a solemn manner, we approve the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo.”

For the complete text of the Constitution click here