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Interest for Kosovo citizens

Protecting the interests of the citizens of Kosovo in Japan.

During the stay in the territory of Japan, Kosovo citizens may face different kinds of difficulties. Citizens can turn to a diplomatic mission to present these difficulties and seek advice to overcome them. The assistance provided by the diplomatic mission in Japan consists of:

- Providing assistance to Kosovo citizens in Japan;
- Providing assistance  to Kosovo citizens in extraordinary cases;
- Providing assistance to prisoners or those facing legal issues with Japanese judicial bodies;
- Providing assistance in repatriating Kosovo citizens who have died in Japan and ensuring the protection of their assets.  

The head of a consular mission may provide assistance to Kosovo citizens only when it is proved that the citizen found in difficulty is not also a holder of the citizenship of the receiving country. The provision of assistance in extraordinary circumstances, i.e. natural disasters or highly dangerous events, extends to other family members who possess Austrian citizenship.

In case of an arrest, custody or initiating an investigation by authorities of the receiving country, citizens of Kosovo are entitled to notify the diplomatic/consular representation and seek respective assistance which consists of:

- notifying family members of the arrest;
- addressing a defense lawyer, or
- the request to intervene to domestic authorities in cases when human rights violations are noted
In cases when Kosovo citizens die abroad, the diplomatic/consular representation may provide the list of agencies offering funeral services and the approximate cost; register the act of death and issue the necessary documentation to return the body of the deceased. Representations do not cover corpse repatriation costs.