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Ambassador addressing Diaspora for the beginning of 2011

Dear co-citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, The beginning of this year is time for hope, when we all are projecting a n in front of us are significant, everyone has a courage and determination to deal with. By the spirit which has kept alive our Dream for Freedom, Peace and Democracy, spirit which will strongly keep new generations, we are beginning the year 2011. We beginning. We are hoping that bright days are coming for all of us, however challenges

We are leaving behind a year full of challenges we dealt with together, and we overcame them as winners.

Republic of Kosovo during the year we left behind, overcame two very important obstacles: International Court of Justice in Hague came up with affirmative opinion for our country, state which is not violating International Law, thus remaining a special case, sui genris.

A challenge in row which Kosovo together with international friends has been prevailed over, was UN Security Council meeting, promulgating the resolution reconfirming the ICJ opinion, which reconfirms the opinion over a new country of Kosovo. 

Kosovo have organized first elections after the Declaration of Independence, elections which has been considered democratic towards constructing the new government.

Kosovo has settled exceptional relationship with all neighboring countries and we affirm a Sustainable Peace in the region, as a country in the heart of South east Europe.

Here in Italy we are promoting our country with a message: “ Kosovo il Cuore nell Balcano!”

Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Rome at the beginning of 2010 has been enriched by new diplomats which very fast has given a meaning to the diplomatic mission in Rome. Consular Section was established starting by point zero. Consular services responded to your basic needs and requirements. We are aware that it can, and we should do more, but during the year we will try to improve the quality to the optimal level.

During 2010 ministers of Republic of Kosovo has made business visits to the Republic of Italy.

At the beginning of the year Rome was visited by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, honorable Hyseni, who led visits in row of several ministers. Minister of Culture Youth and Sports , honorable Haziri visited Republic of Italy in April and May, promoting our culture, establishing business contacts with his counterpart here in Italy, and lobbing to the institutions of sport and culture to invite Kosovo clubs into international activities.

In order to establish institutional collaboration, Minister of Kosovo Security Forces, honorable Mujota, visited Rome, too. He participated the first Conference of International Organization for Emergency Management. Minister of Education, Science and Technology, honorable Hoxhaj in Milano visited working hours of a collaboration of NGO CESNES with Institute of Pedagogy of Kosovo. Minister of Economy and Finance, honorable Shala, in Verona,  participated Conference of Italian investments  in the South- east Europe.

From the aspect of lobbing for further recognitions, Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo was very active. Letters and documents with requests  for recognition has been distributed to all embassies present in Rome, as well as a considerable number of meetings has been organized with colleagues of diplomatic missions in Rome.

Economic diplomacy and cultural activities has been carried out in appropriate period.

Our diplomats met entrepreneurs of different parts of Italy. It is important to mention contacts with Chambers of Commerce of several regions of Italy.

In the feature of collaboration on education and culture, worthy to mention here facilitation of our Embassy on the signature of the treaty between university La Sapienza of Rome with public University of Prishtina.

Dear citizens,

We are convinced that year 2011 will bring new challenges for all of us. We will do our best and commit ourselves to take into consideration and accomplish together our common goals.

At the beginning of this year there are foreseen visits of Italian state authorities in Kosovo.
This year will be challenging for signing of basic treaties between our two countries.

We are planning to visit our communities in all provinces they reside. 

We will try to attract Italian investors to invest in Kosovo. In this line we will establish cooperation structures in Italy and Kosovo.

I express my deep conviction that Kosovo government will do the best until the end of 2011 to fulfill the criteria which would enable Kosovo citizens to travel deliberately into Schengen Zone, in the same manner as the rest of South East Europe countries did during the last year.

I hope this year to be fruitful for all of us, in all fields of life.
I wish you profitable business, successes, and excellent health!

Faithfully yours,
Albert Prenkaj