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Minister Hyseni’s activities in London

London, 24 March During his visit to London, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Skender Hyseni held a lecture at the prestigious Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS).

In his lecture, Minister Hyseni gave a detailed summary of developments in Kosovo, mentioning many issues closely connected to the current situation in Kosovo, its future and the challenges which Kosovo expects to face.

Besides describing the progress and achievements of the new state of Kosovo during the two years of its independence, Minister Hyseni spoke about a series of issues that naturally focus on Kosovo. Minister Hyseni addressed the following issues: The situation in Kosovo, internal developments, relations with neighbor states, the Kosovo institutions position and policies of good neighborliness as a  factor of peace and stability in the region, the attempts of the institutions of Kosovo and Kosovar society to integrate the Serb community, the process of recognition and its importance for Kosovo.

In addition, he spent a long time talking about the challenges facing Kosovo after the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice, linking this period to the process of recognition.

With regard to relations with Serbia, Minister Hyseni, repeated his well-known position that Kosovo is interested to have good relations with Serbia, with regard to many technical issues.

For these issues, Minister Hyseni suggested that Kosovo could sit and talk with the Serb party. These he said, are the only talks that Kosovo can enter into with Serbia. Mr Hyseni firmly rejected the talk about the predicted  re-negotiations, stating that Kosovo’s status is non-negotiable.

The country’s independence is a reality, accepted internationally by a large number of states in the world. “There can be no negoatiations on status“, said Minister Hyseni, also reconfirming his well-known position that the idea of renegotiating or partitioning Kosovo, is dangerous and will bring new conflict to our region. In addition, during his lecture, Minister Hyseni spoke about the European perspective of the Balkans, emphasizing that seven Western Balkan countries should simultaneously be subject to the visa liberalization process.

The audience responded with a series of interested questions to Minister Hyseni’s lecture.

In the context of his official visit to London, Minister Hyseni met with accredited representatives in London, from countries which have not recognised Kosovo.

The goal of these meetings was to repeat the request for recognition of Kosovo’s independence as quickly as possible. During the friendly and productive meetings, Minister Hyseni recieved the promise that recognition was being analyzed by the respective Governments and decisions would be made known at an appropriate time.