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Deputy Prime Minister Pacolli invites Paul Wurth S.A. to invest in Kosovo

Luxembourg, 8th of June 2018 - During the visit in Luxembourg, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Behgjet Pacolli met with Mr. Thomas Hansmann, Director of Technology and Member of the Company's Management Board, Paul Wurth S.A.

The Wurth company operates in many areas, while the main theme of the discussion was the cooperation in the field of energy. In his presentation, Mr. Hansmann informed on the advanced technology and standards the company is using to produce energy or heat&cooling from biomass and waste. This technology addresses the pollution and emission of CO2 gases according to the requirements of the European Union.

For his part, Deputy Prime Minister Pacolli said that waste remains a problem in Kosovo. The Government of Kosovo is working to solve this problem and welcomes the interest of serious companies such as Paul Wurth S.A. Minister Pacolli mentioned reforms for doing business in Kosovo, not only for local companies but also foreign ones that are interested in direct investment.

In the end of the meeting, Minister Pacolli invited representatives of Paul Wurth S.A to visit Kosovo.