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Ambassador Spahiu visits Puerto Rico

From August 25 to 28, Ambassador of Kosovo, Avni Spahiu, visited San Juan, Puerto Rico, at the invitation of Ana G. Mendez University System. The aim of the visit was to introduce the new country to the faculty and students of the three universities of the Ana G. Mendez University System through a presentation organized at Universidad del Este.

On this occasion, Ambassador Spahiu was welcomed by the University President, Dr. Alberto Maldonado Ruiz, as well as other university officials.


Ambassador Spahiu’s presentation titled “The Birth of the Republic of Kosovo” attracted the interest of an audience of about fifty participants. Ambassador spoke about Kosovo’s path to independence, the achievements and challenges marking the period since the declaration of independence, as well as the latest developments in the country. Participants at the presentation also had the opportunity to watch a video from the promotional campaign “Kosovo, the Young Europeans.” The presentation was followed by numerous comprehensive questions on Kosovo’s past and present and its current international standing.


Ambassador Spahiu’s visit was also followed with great interest by the local media. University television station Paliqueduendo conducted a one-hour live interview with the Ambassador. University officials expressed an interest in academic cooperation through creation of opportunities for Kosovo students to study at their university. On behalf of the university, Dr. Sanabria Rodriguez offered a scholarship for undergraduate studies to interested Kosovar students. 


Faculty and students of Universidad del Este, organized a warm welcome in honor of Ambassador Spahiu. Kosovo state symbols were displayed around the university, along with welcome messages in Albanian posted in the hallways. Students of the Department of Culinary Studies prepared cookies based on local Kosovar recipes.
The initiator of this visit, Mr. Monroig, hosted a formal dinner in honor of Ambassador Spahiu, where among the invitees were university officials and dignitaries from Puerto Rico’s political scene.

During his visit in San Juan, Ambassador Spahiu also met with Mr. Kenneth D. McClintock, Secretary of State of Puerto Rico. At the meeting, Ambassador Spahiu, among others, thanked Secretary McClintock for the assistance that the National Guard of Puerto Rico has offered Kosovo, and asked for future cooperation in different areas of common interest. Secretary McClintock promised Ambassador Spahiu Puerto Rico’s continued support for Kosovo in the Caribean region. Ms. Gjeneza Budima, First Secretary with the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in the United States, was also part of the delegation visiting Puerto Rico.