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Notification to citizens of the Republic of Kosovo

Dutch Ministry of Immigration has issued a decision that has effect to immigrants from the Republic of Kosovo. As of August 15th 2015 a new policy will come into force in relation to the voluntary return of Kosovar citizens to their homeland.

According to this decision, because of the clear indications of improper use of existing opportunities in the Netherlands to support the return, by the citizens of Kosovo, it was decided that they be excluded from financial aid supplements of this type.

This means that, from the mentioned date on, Kosovar citizens who wish to return to Kosovo on a voluntary basis are entitled only to \"basic financial support\". This support consists of a plane ticket (one-way), assistance on departure to Schiphol Airport and support during the journey and / or on arrival in Pristina, if necessary. Of course, if necessary, medical support will also be provided during this process.