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Alma Lama Ambassador of the Republic of Kosovo in Italy

   Alma Lama is the ambassador of Republic of Kosovo in Italy. She arrived in Rome on 17 November 2016.  Previously she was member of Kosovo Assembly, for two terms. She was member of  the Democratic League of  Kosovo. During the second mandate as MP, Lama was member of Local Government, Public Administration and Media Committee and during the first  mandate (2011-2014) she was member of EU Integration Committee.


During her political carrier, Lama was one of the most outspoken MPs in Kosovo, on various issues.  She has been engaged strongly on democratization of society and the institutions,  the transparency issues, freedom of media, human rights and good governance.   Lama is the first MP in the history of Kosovo parliament that introduced a law. That law is on the Protection of the Journalistic Sources, approved in 2013. She also was very active in many other parliamentary initiatives and amendments in various laws and in parliamentary debates as well. She also initiated  the first monument in Kosovo dedicated the contribution of the women during the war. The memorial called “Heroinat” today is located in the center of the capital if Kosovo, Prishtina. During the first mandate, Lama  was also  member of the board of  Women Caucus, a cross party caucus in Kosovo Assembly, very much  engaged in the promotion of women’s  role in society and their portrayal on the media.


   Before engaging in politics, Mrs. Lama worked for a long period as a journalist, and a political analyst in some Albanian and international media.  She established and worked, as a senior correspondent in Kosovo for three years, at Top Channel, the biggest Albanian TV station.  Since 2003 she has been for many years a regular correspondent for Osservatorio sui Balcani, based  in Italy, writing many articles and analyses about Kosovo. She also published articles for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting, Transitions Online, United Press International, and the Washington Times. She has done investigative journalism in war crime cases and corruption affairs etc.


   Mrs. Lama was selected one of the 50 Emerging Women Leaders of the World, by a program of the State Department (USA), called Women in Public Service Program”, and she was part of it, Wellesley College, 2012.  She was part of the Hope Fellowship Program, Women Leadership on Rule of Law, organised by National Albanian American Council and USAID, Spring, 2010. Lama has contributed in a number of local and international conferences, especially in women rights and transparency.


Currently Mrs. Lama is a candidate for PHD, on Political Science and International Relations. She graduated in 1999 from the University of Tirana, Albania. She majored in Language and Literature. Lama is fluent in English and Italian.


She is married and has three children.