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Belgian touristic agencies and media visit Kosovo

Prishtinë, 15 November 2018 – The Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Brussels organized a study visit for Belgium media and tour operators to Kosovo

With the purpose of presenting Kosovo as a touristic destination, the Kosovo Embassy together with Travel and Training Center (Het Reis- en Opleidingscentrum vzw, ROC) organized a study visit to Kosovo. A group of visitors consisting of media and tour operators from Belgium learned about touristic attractions, hotel and transport services in Kosovo.

During the four days, the group visited Prishtina, Peja, Deçan, Rahovec, and Prizren. They visited touristic attractions of Prishtina such as the NewBorn monument, beauties of the Rugova Gorge, cultural and religious monuments of Peja and Prizren. The tour also included a visit to Rahovec, where delicious wines from Kosovo were tasted.

Inclusion of Kosovo in touristic programmes is very important because it helps to bridge direct communication between our societies, to develop the tourism industry, and to promote the export of local products such as wine.

This visit was supported by Swisscontact, Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Municipality of Peja.