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Central institutions

Legislative power in Kosovo is exercised by the single-chamber Assembly of the Republic. Being directly elected by the people the Assembly is Kosovo highest representative and legislative body.

The Assembly is composed of 120 members, elected through a proportional single-district system. Through one of many mechanisms of affirmative action, 20 legislative seats are set aside for ethnic minority representatives, namely ten seats are guaranteed for Serbs, four for Roma Ashkali and Egyptians, three for Bosnians, 2 for Turks and one for Gorani. 

Responsibilities of the Assembly of Kosovo include:

1.Adoption of laws and resolutions;

2.Election of the Presidency of the Assembly;

3.Approval of the candidate for the Prime minister together with the list of ministers of the Government, as the later is proposed by the candidate for Prime minister;

4.Review and ratification of proposed international agreements, within the scope of its responsibilities;

5.Deciding on motions of no-confidence against the Government;

6.Providing guidance to the Government in preparation of draft-laws, etc.

For more information about the Assembly of Kosovo, laws adopted, work of Assembly Committee’s and related issues, please visit the webpage of the Assembly.,1

President is the head of state and represents the unity of all Kosovars. Responsibilities of the President of Kosovo include:

1.Representing the country;

2.Leading Kosovo’s foreign policy of the country

3.Guaranteeing constitutional functioning of public institutions;

4.Announcing elections for the Assembly of Kosovo and convening its first meeting

5.Issuing decrees and promulgating laws approved by the Assembly;

6.Proposing amendments to the Constitution, etc.

7.May refer constitutional questions to the Constitutional Court

8.Receives credentials of heads of diplomatic missions accredited to the Republic of Kosovo

9.Is the Commander in Chief of the Kosovo Security Force, etc.

For more information about the President of Kosovo, please visit the official webpage of the President.,67,67,67,e,,,

Government and Prime Minister
The Government of Kosovo exercises the executive power in accordance with the Constitution and applicable law.

The Government of Kosovo is composed by the Prime Minister, Deputy – Prime Ministers and Ministers, including two Ministers from the ranks of Kosovo Serbs and an additional one representing other minorities.

The Government implements the laws and carries out other activities within responsibilities defined by the Constitution and laws. For its work, the Government reports to the Assembly. The Prime Minister, Deputy-Prime Ministers and Ministers have collective responsibility for decisions taken by the Government, and are held individually responsible for decisions taken within the scope of their respective prerogatives.

The competencies of the Government include:
-    Proposing and implementing Kosovo’s internal and external policies;
-    Leading the economic development of the country
-    Instructing and overseeing the work of public services etc.
The competencies of the Prime minister include:
-    Representing and leading the Government
-    Chairing the Security Council of Kosovo
-    Appointing the General Director of Kosovo Police
-    Consults with the President on the implementation of Kosovo’s foreign policy, etc.
For more information about the Government of Kosovo, please visit official webpage of the government